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Welcome to our Site

Little Fannies Heavenly Housing  is a nonprofit organization established in 2016. Our vision is to offer and provide emergency and adequate long term resources to meet the needs of individuals and families who are homeless and want a second chance in the betterment  of a new independent life .

Our Mission

Little Fannies Heavenly Housing's mission is dedicated  to build resources  to  assist and impact the lives from all walks of life that touches our organization.    We want  every individual to be given the opportunity to thrive, build self esteem and the ability to care for one's self. We believe that our commitment to this organization will  make this happen and will  help to end homelessness in our communities.

Our Story

Story Part 1 -Inspiration "Fannie Dunigan"

This organization was created from the inspiration of my grandmother Fannie Dunigan. Fannie was the most beautiful, loving, caring, and generous woman that I  had the pleasure to love. She helped  so many family members, friends and strangers who needed a place to stay and help to get back on their feet. She fed, clothed, housed, nurtured and loved each and every person that crossed her path. The most memorable thing she said  that stayed in my heart was  "As long as I have a roof over my head, my family will also" and she meant it. Her genuine love for others made such a positive impact in the lives of everyone  she touched.  

Fannie (aka) "Mom" was one special rare jewel. 

Story Part 2-Visionary Founder : Jolynn Payton aka "Little Fannie"

The legacy of my grandmother's spirit created in all of us will continue to live on. It is in my heart to help the less fortunate and  those who need a hands up. This vision that God has placed in me will move forward by offering  opportunities of growth and a second chance to a better life.  It will be done with dignity, dedication, faith, good will and love.

Story Part 3 - Building the Organization "The Board"

Little Fannie's Heavenly Housing is  organized by a of group of volunteers who are passionate, eager, educated and committed to the development of a strong and successful organization. This is done by  joining hands, hearts, minds, souls, strong faith and having one goal "to help others".