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Little Fannies Heavenly Housing 

Calendar of Events

2020 Past Events 

Happenings you shouldn't miss. 

Any and All monetary donations will  be used directly to benefit our mission by

helping us  impact the lives of the less fortunate.

Jun 5th 


2020 Graduation Swag Bags - Friday June 6th

We are so excited  to partner with LeLe Foundation and Coffee and Conversation with Erikka in providing Swag Bags and delivering 20 Graduates with a car parade caravan to their home  from 8th grade and high school including special needs graduates in  Chicago and the surrounding south suburbs acknowledging and honoring their accomplishments. 

Jun 18th


The Salvation Army Joliet Corps Community Center

We are so excited to be a part and volunteering with this great organization. Little Fannie's received a  huge donations of 1,750 pair of Bombas socks. We heard that they were in need of socks so we were able to donate 500 pairs.  This was just the beginning of building a wonderful relationship.  It is such a privilege to work next to these humble servants.

July 19th


South Suburban Pads , Calumet City

Little Fannie's partnered with Better Days Community Outreach had the pleasure of serving dinner, providing 40 love bags, fresh fruit and vegetables to displaced individuals due to COVID-19 at one of the hotels housing our homeless friends. This was the start of another relationship.  We thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve.

Aug 6th


Garden of Prayer Youth Center, Kankakee

With the generous  monetary donations received,  we were able to bless 15 teen boys with Bedding Toiletries, Underwear, Backpacks and Socks who reside in the congregate care facilities.

Sept 20th


South Suburban Pads , Calumet City

Little Fannie's and Better Days Community Outreach are having a FREE Clothing Giveaway!

We are providing the guest who have been displaced  and our homeless friend with clothing, shoes, socks and coats! 

Oct 18th


The Salvation Army, Joliet

Little Fannie's and Circle of Connecting Hearts  are having a FREE Clothing Giveaway Community Outreach Event!

We are providing the community with  clothing, shoes, socks and coats, food, music and  other free resources. 

Nov 15th- 22nd


Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week 2020

Little Fannie's Heavenly Housing are collecting NEW Warm clothing items, Toiletries and distributing prepared hot meals  to our homeless friends  in our community that are in need  and are preparing for the winter months that are approaching. We want to bring awareness to this population during this week.

***If you would like to help or donate please inbox or call us at:

(773)-616-5018 or (708)-772-5477

You can also make a monetary donation on our website.

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic and the safety of our friends we are only accepting new items.

NOV. 26th


Thanksgiving 2020

Little Fannie's Heavenly Housing is grateful for In His Hands Resource Center Inc. for including us in their Thanksgiving efforts and resources by donating 60 Thanksgiving Dinners to bless some of our homeless friends who are being housed through South Suburban PADS at one of the hotels in Calumet City. We are so humble for this donation.  

Please visit their website at

Nykoa Farmer/Founder/CEO/President


*****Together We Can Make a Difference******



Christmas 2020

Little Fannie's Heavenly Housing is happy to announce that we are partnering with A Caring Hand Foundation for Teen Moms to help bring some joy and a brighter Christmas to families in need this holiday season!  Little Fannie had the pleasure with this partnership of blessing and adopting  a family of 4 from Niger! 

If you would like to adopt a family or find out more about this amazing organization please click on the link below to register. 


*****Together We Can Make a Difference******



Christmas 2020

Garden of Prayer Youth Center, Kankakee

We are pleased  as 2020 comes to an end of this difficult year with Our last Outreach! 

We were able to bless the Garden of Prayer Youth Center in Kankakee and provide  the children that reside there some of the items from their Christmas Wish List! With the generous monetary donations received, we were able to bless  7  Boys from the Group Home, 6 Boys from the Foster Care Program, 3 Girls at the Newly opened Group Home and 2 Babies! 

It is a Blessing to be a Blessor!


Merry Christmas, Be Blessed, Be Safe and We Pray that Everyone has a Healthy New Year!

2021 Current Events



Winter Item Give Away Outreach  To the Homeless - Cermak & Canal

We were able to be a blessing to our homeless friends living in tents under a viaduct in the City of Chicago.

Providing them with Blankets, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Toiletries, Food and Valentine Boxes of Candy!


Spreading a Little Love and Warmth in This Season!



Better Days Community Outreach Services and Little Fannie's Heavenly Housing 

Partnered and thank God for the opportunity to be a blessing to SOS Children's  Foster Care Villages. We were able to donate food, clothing, school supplies, socks, coats, Valentine's Day candy, and shoes to the families within the SOS community. 



March Madness Day of Service March 27th

We are dedicating this day of servicing the less fortunate, homeless individuals and homeless shelters providing toiletries bags, socks, masks, snacks , cleaning supplies, blankets,  etc.

We will have the pleasure of blessing: 

Brothers Keeper- Gary, Indiana

Margaret Village, Maria Shelter, Chicago, Illinois

Restorations Ministries and  the Community, Harvey, Illinois




We are so excited that our Founder was nominated  by her grand daughter for the Remarkable Women Contest and Mrs. Jolynn Payton is one of the 4 Finalist out of 100s of nominations!!! Her story is being aired on WGN TV at 4:45 p.m. March 23rd! We are so proud of her!



Bethlehem Village Apartments

Community Outreach Block Party

August 14th Noon-5:00 p.m.

We are so excited about our Community Outreach Event  with our familiar community family in Harvey. Covid 19 stopped us last year but we are back bigger and better. We are going to have FREE Clothes, Food, Tolietries, Resources, DJ, Covid Vaccines?? and much more. 

Please Join us to this epic event!!!!!

Little Fannie's Making a Difference in the Neighborhood!



Little Fannie's Day of Appreciation

October 23rd 2:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

FeFe Designs Studio 565 W, Exchange Crete, IL

This is a day of appreciation for everyone that has been a part of Little Fannie's Heavenly Housing success.  We appreciate all the volunteers, donors, planners and prayers. What ever part that was taken in helping us we  just want to show our appreciation! There is no us with YOU!!!


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.